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Come to Sevilla during the April Fair with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Could you imagine a week dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying yourself with your friends? It does exist, and it takes place in Seville. The name of such a wonderful event? Seville April Fair. Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain, will help you to spend an unforgettable week in Spain.

If you’re an enthusiastic of flamenco songs and dancing, or you want to take a break and relax yourself in Spain, definitely Seville April Fair is an event made just for you. Thanks to your pocket wifi rental, Easymifi, you’ll enjoy this party without any internet connection problems.

What happens during this fantastic fair? 

A long-week party is celebrated in “El Real de la Feria”, an area where there are 1.040 “casetas”.Could you imagine it? There are two different types of casetas: the private and the public ones. Even though most of casetas are private, like a “club” where only memberships or its friends can enter, the public casetas are bigger and everybody can come in.So this is perfect for you, take the chance!

How much do you know about the traditional costume? For women the name is “traje de flamenca” (flamenco dress) and for men “traje de corto”. Not everybody wears the typical outfit, but is an extremely flattering dress.

The horse carriages have an important role too: a large number of carriages walk around the “Real de la Feria” during the week. It’s amazing to see how are decorated, with beautiful accessories.

What about the food and the drinks? People usually drink “rebujito”, a drink whose ingredients are: Manzanilla and Seven Up. Talking about the food we cannot forget the “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette), “jamón” (ham), “croquetas” (croquettes),  and “montaditos” (little sandwiches). You’ll love them from the first sight!

The music is essential: have you ever heard a flamenco song? There is a typical dancing too. It’s very fun to learn how to dance it, and it’s easy!

What is the history of the April Fair?

Since 1846, in Seville it’s celebrated the Fair, but it was originally conceived as a livestock market by José María Ybarra. Because of the increase of popularity, the fair was considered an important festivity. 

Seville April Fair

After reading it, are you ready for coming here? You may make the decision on the spur of the moment and plan a trip to Spain for this weekend, don’t you? Easymifi is your pocket wifi rental in Spain and will be there with you for enjoying the fair because it provides a fantastic service: unlimited wifi connection for all your family or friends. Why? It’s up to 8 devices! The April Fair is perfect for taking beautiful pictures and for sure you’ll want to share them in your social media without any problems.

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