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Enjoy Spring’s celebrations with Easymifi, your mifi in Spain

Do you know that the favourite season of Spanish people is Spring? The reason is quite simple: we celebrate most of our fairs during April, May and June. It’s a great time to visit Spain and discover its traditions thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, isn’t it?

 If you’re planning a trip to Spain, take it in the Spring! Why? The weather during this season is warm, with sunny days and a wonderful temperature. It is also true that sometimes spring doesn’t guarantee no rain at all, but those raining days in April or May are beautiful too. Particularly in Andalusia, in the South of Spain, while you’re walking on the streets you can smell the sweet scent of the orange blossom, called “Azahar”. You can find even perfumes with this smell!

Not surprisingly, this time is perfect to celebrate the traditional Spanish events. In Andalusia, the fairs are outstanding. But not only fairs, there are festivities all around the country. Easymifi will be with you wherever and whenever you need it for an amazing trip!

Important events you shouldn’t miss:

-Seville April Fair: just two weeks after Holy Week, in Seville we celebrate the fair. During a week, 12-17 April this year, people spend the whole day dancing flamenco songs, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves with friends. It takes place in the “Real de la Feria”, an area full of “casetas”. It’s normal to wear the traditional costume and see beautiful horse carriages. 

-Moors and Christian festival of Alcoy (Alicante): considered a celebration of International Tourist Interest, this typical festivity takes place from April 22-24. It’s a representation of the battles between Moors and Christians during the “Reconquista” (from the 8th century to the 15th Century).

-“Fiestas de los Mayos”, Villamayor de Calatrava (Ciudad Real): this festivity is an ancient tradition celebrated from April 30 to May 2. The inhabitants of the village commemorate their patron saint, the Virgin of the Rosary. A song called the “Canto de los Mayos” and the procession, are included in the list of the Festivities of Regional Tourist Interest.

Spring's celebrations

From left to right: Seville April Fair, Moors and Christians of Alcoy, "Fiestas de los Mayos" of Villamayor de Calatrava

As you have noticed, it would be very pleasant to come to Spain during the following months. Easymifi, your mifi in Spain, will provide you the unlimited internet connection you’ll need for enjoying the celebrations. You’re not going to think anymore “If only we’d had the internet connection while travelling in Spain…”, a pocket wifi rental is the choice you were looking for!

 If you’re taking into consideration Spain for your next trip and you want more information, don’t miss our post about the Seville April Fair!