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Prepaid Wifi in Costa Brava, Internet for Tourist in Spain

 Prepaid Wifi in Costa Brava

Do not disconnect your smartphone during your trip to the Costa Brava, share experiences with family and friends, with easymifi you can: upload this wonderful photo to facebook, make a call using Skype from anywhere, locate the restaurant on google maps, etc. Rent our easYmifi device for your next trip to the Costa Brava, Spain Wifi Prepay for 5 €/ day for up to 8 users. Wifi for travelers.

The Costa Brava is sun, beach, hidden coves between vegetation, refreshing baths, crystal clear waters, tranquility, walks along the footpaths, charming fishing villages ... do you have the idea, right? So grab your calendar, find the next hole in it and get ready for a great beach day, or all that you can.

Our recommendation: Beaches of Begur, Sandy Portitxol (L'Escala), Playa de Sant Pere Pescador, Cadaques beach, Cala Taballera (Port de la Selva). 

If there is a classification of cultural sites per square kilometer, the Girona occupy certainly a very prominent place. Cultural experiences will surprise you wherever you go, starting with the historical heritage of this territory. Paleolithic and Neolithic sites, remains of Iberian settlements, Greco-Roman ruins, medieval exceptional places , with a strong presence of Romanesque art and fine conservative and great works of modernism exceptional Jewish heritage.

One of the best memories that leaves the Girona is its flavor. Rather, the marriage of flavors, ingredients that has excellent sea and mountain, exquisite local products and wines of the appellation of origin Empordà.