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Wifi in your holiday home in Spain

If you've rented a villa or apartment in Spain for these holidays without wifi included, don’t worry, with easymifi your Wifi rental in Spain you can enjoy unlimited internet 24h for up to eight devices at anywhere in the Spanish territory, this way you can keep with your technological habits and your family or friends.

By having unlimited connection you'll be able to watch television and the programs of your country; check your mail if you can not disconnect from work; keep in touch through Whattsap, Viber, Skype, facetime ; consult social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+; as well as preparing your touristic tour with Google Maps or find a good place to eat. All of this without roaming charges and for less than 5 € / day.

Our prepaid wifi in Spain easymifi, is the best solution for your holidays in Spain because besides having internet in your holiday home with its 20 m coverage, you could also bring it in your pocket and use it for 24 hours wherever you go; car, train, or on the beach, museums…

The easymifi team manages to deliver its portable Wifi portable for travelers in Spain, to your apartment or villa located anywhere on the Peninsula or in the Balearic and Canary Islands.