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Wireless internet access in Spain for Tourists during Holly Week

Holy Week in Spain is one of the most traditional festivals in the country, and is celebrated in every city. In the Holy Week you will see like the brothers are able to support the weight of virgins and cristus richly adorned.

With easymifi, WiFi Rental in Spain, you will be at the day of everything related to this festivity: processions information, tour guilds, brotherhoods story.

Enjoy with your Wi-Fi for travelers in Spain with detailed information, and at the real-time of the multiple applications designed for these holidays.

Walk along the streets of the historic center of Seville during the famous "madrugá" and admire the beauty and religious fervor to the beat of drums and accompanied by the smell of incense.

All the virtues of this famous festival can be in the palm of your hand thanks to our Wi-Fi prepaid in Spain